On Tuesday, 9/22/2020, the Safe Reopening Task force reviewed the data regarding new cases in Sedgwick County and available hospital beds.  The 14 day rolling average of new COVID cases in our county has been relatively stable during the previous two week period, but doesn’t show a steady decline.  In addition, though the Sedgwick County COVID dashboard classifies our hospital status as moderate, it indicates there are more beds available than there were two weeks ago.  Per the Task Force’s review, we will continue in Phase 2 of our plan for reopening the building.  The next assessment is on 10/13/2020.

At this time, we are currently in Phase 2.

Below you will find content related to our plan for functioning during this time of COVID-19. The full plan is included below as a pdf document, as well as a synopsis of each phase of the plan. At the bottom of the page are videos pertaining to each section of the plan. 

Purpose of Plan

1. Outline CHUM’s path forward to safely reopen our building in accordance with best practices that will allow us to establish a new normal as we co-exist with the reality of COVID-19 in the world.

2. Acknowledge that as more information about the virus emerges, this plan may evolve.

ReOpening Task Force Members

Chris Atchison (chair), Phil Coleman, Katie Cramer, Al Fleming, Amy Hodgson-Smith, Diane Kemp, Nancy Knopp, George Kolb, Jill Sander-Chali, Brad Smith, Amanda Valliant

Need more information?  Task force members are available to speak with individuals or small groups within the church.  

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Thank you for being diligent in your part of our process.


There are a total of 16 videos, on 3 pages that correspond to each section of the full plan.