Prayer List

Our Sympathy to . . .

. . . Tara & Mark Walker and family, in the death of Tara's father.

Remember in Your Prayers

Dan Boaz

Ellen Moore

Sheila Moody, daughter of Tom Small

Kim Sanders, friend of Patty and Linda Ruzich

Harry Morgan, brother of Nan Porter


Alberta Hall, mother of Gail Capper

Marieke Wolfe

Pat Lipper

Faye Schmoker

Continuing Prayers...

Joyce Winegarner

Dave Chanowski

Wenona Woodson

Gregg Dellett

Fritz Kessler

Cindy Pulliam and Linda Brantner, daughters of Lee Howard

Mike Reed, brother of Ann Reed

Bob McDowell

Charlie Montonye

Military Personnel

Josh Weaver, McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS

Kyle Weaver, Holloman AFB, New Mexico

Adam Walker, Hawaii, Air Force Band Raptor