College Hill Staff

Listed below are the staff members for College Hill United Methodist Church. 

This is a group of people gathered together to help you connect with God, Jesus, 

other members of the church and in general assist you in anyway we can. 

We are happy to help.

  • reverend kent h. little - lead pastor

    I was a senior in high school sitting at the dinner table with mom and dad. I suppose in preparation for my impending launch into the “real world,” dad said, “You know son if you want to attend some other church that is fine with me,” dad was a United Methodist pastor, “or even if you do not want to attend, it is up to you.” Words I heard as freedom to which my mom replied, “That is true, but if you do not go to church on Sunday you don’t do anything else that week either.”

    It was always a grace-filled tension I experienced as a PK, Preacher’s Kid, mom and dad both allowing the freedom to become all the while encouraging me to be grounded in the church. We moved from community to community over the years and finally out from under their roof I did take a short sabbatical from church life, but ultimately came back to my roots.

    I married TruDee and we raised a family of two boys. Journeying in community and family, encountering all the ups and downs of life, struggles and joys, hard times and celebrations brought me to a call to ministry. It was a long process of becoming; one of my favorite Seminary Professors describes the “Call to Ministry” a lot like throwing up, “You can put it off for a while but sooner or later it is going to happen.” I believe my family experience and the love and encouragement I received in that atmosphere as well as the broad diversity of communities and people I have encountered and served has informed my progressive theology and brought me with purpose and grace to where I am today.

    I entered college in 1991 and was appointed to my first church as a student pastor the summer of 1992. I have served a total of seven churches and encountered a wide variety of good and faithful communities of faith along the way. I believe in hindsight it was a journey of preparation; preparation that ultimately has brought me to this special, safe, and sacred space and place.

    I have long held College Hill United Methodist Church as the way church is supposed to be; Open, Welcoming, and Inclusive; a place where Love is the rule rather than the exception. It is a continued humbling experience to be Senior Pastor in a place so committed to the Way;

    Wise in the Ways of the Spirit, Bold in the Ways of Justice and Graceful in Relationship with all of Creation. I hope you will join us for the College Hill UMC experience; we are Not Your Ordinary Church!

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  • brian Sutton - youth ministry & community life director

    Born and raised in Culver, Kansas, I grew up a country boy and have been a United Methodist my whole life. I have been doing youth ministry for 28 years now, some days it's hard to believe, other days not so much. The one thing that has remained the same is that I love waking up every day and getting to do my job.

    The other part of my job here at College Hill, is community life. I enjoy working on events that involve our church community, as well as those that reach out to our neighborhood. We have so much going on in our church, it is amazing. I have been truly blessed in my life and count College Hill as a big blessing.

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  • rob simon - 10:15 Music director

    a learner, a teacher, a singer, a storyteller, a writer, a bit of an artist – and sometimes all of these at once!

    In addition to being Music Coordinator for Contemporary Worship at College Hill, Rob is a specialist in prevention programming and restorative practices, a Wichita Griot Storyteller, a performer with band, Blue Eyed Soul. And a certified Kansas educator & experienced trainer/ consultant and speaker/performer working with school systems and various agencies coast to coast.

      Through his own POSITIVE RHYTHM PRODUCTIONS, Rob produces topical workshop, classroom, assembly, keynote and other creative presentations for various audiences, using persuasive speech, original songs, characterizations, essays, & poetry. He is also known for having produced weekly commentary on Wichita's National Public Radio affiliate, KMUW FM 89.1 for over ten years.

  • matthew Nutter - MUSIC & CHANCEL CHOIR director

    I am currently in my 6th year of teaching and have been the choir teacher at Hadley Middle school for 5 years. I received my Bachelors in Music Education at Wichita State in 2010 and have been certified in all three levels of Kodaly. I plans on starting my Masters in Choral Pedagogy at Kansas University this summer. This is my 1st year directing at CHUM and is very excited about moving forward with the choir!

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  • debbie snell - office administrator

    How many days until Christmas? Just ask me, I can usually tell you. Looking for a new four legged friend? Just ask me, I can usually help. These are just two of my many wonderful qualities.

    On a more serious note, coming to College Hill UMC as office manager in June 1994, has been a blessing. I have worked in churches my entire adult life, and have never found a more welcoming congregation. CHUM members have always impressed me with their generosity. They have always been willing to go the extra mile for those in need. I see this in action nearly every day of the week; through Prayer, Food Pantry distribution, Summer kids eating program, clothing giveaway, Saturday morning breakfast, etc… the list goes on and on. Another area that has always inspired me is the number of willing volunteers at College Hill; willing to give of their time for our church.

    I have seen CHUM go through low points, as well as high points. It has always amazed me how the congregation rallies through the good and not-so-good times, knowing that our faith and belief will see us through. I have always been impressed how College Hill is willing to step out of the comfort zone for social issues and justice; just another reason I’m proud to be a part of College Hill United Methodist Church.

    Know that you are always welcome at College Hill. Feel free to pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat.

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  • patty Ruzich - technology/publications coordinator

    Born and raised in Hutchinson, (Home of the Kansas State Fair, Underground Salt Mine, Kansas Cosmosphere, and The Anchor Inn), I found my way to Wichita and to CHUM 21 years ago. I grew up knowing I wanted to be around people so I had a choice of being a nurse, secretary, or teacher…back in the day our choices were limited. I chose being a teacher and for 37 years loved doing just that…teaching math and science at both the middle and high school levels. To this day, I continue to coach middle school cross country and track, work on the football chain gang, and run the clock or keep the scorebook for basketball games. I was also fortunate to travel across the United States as an aerobics trainer for a period of five years. I am proud to say I was a Hutch High Salthawk, a Hutch JUCO Blue Dragon, and a K-State Wildcat!! I received my Master’s degree from Baker University in education with a technology emphasis.

    As much as I loved teaching and working with, and around, young people, early retirement was an option for me so I took it!! Looking for something that would let me use my technology skills and my people skills, I was very fortunate to find my second career here at College Hill. Once again I jump out of bed looking forward to getting to work to see who will walk in the office and visit with me. I love life and enjoy all the new faces I meet each week and I love the family here at CHUM. Life is good!! Thank you CHUMites!

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  • Jodi Rice - Children's coordinator

    Since moving to Wichita back in 1991 I am proud and happy to call Wichita home. I am a Southeast Buffalo and attended WSU. I met my husband Greg while he was serving in the US Navy and was stationed in San Diego. The first few years we were married I split my time between Wichita and San Diego. Once we were permanently living in Wichita full time, we started attending First United Methodist Church. It was while we were attending there that I discovered my LOVE of doing hands on serving and mission work. I fell in love with taking my own family on work team trips. I am very excited to start this program with families here at CHUM. I often say of everything we've ever done with our family taking the girls on work teams is easily the best thing we have done as a family. Greg and I have grown our family to include 4 daughters. Our oldest attends WSU. We have 2 daughters in grade school who keep us VERY busy. We were blessed in the early summer of 2017 with a baby girl.