Sunday, March 15, 2020

Thank you for joining us. This is something new for us, so please let us know what you think. May God bless you today and everyday.

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Children's Sermon

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Come and Find the Quiet Center

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

Precious Lord Take My Hand

10:15 a.m. Worship Bulletin

Song Links

You Can't Touch This by MC Hammer, Lyrics by Rob Simon

  • o   This song is an original re-write by Rob Simon to the tune of U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer.  It synthesizes ideas from our scripture reading, where Jesus is turning over the tables in the temple and calling his body a temple with Mary Oliver’s poem called “Where does the Temple Begin, and Where does it End?”  When I think about these two together, it makes me think about the way that we are often trying to contain the holy and the sacred.  And when we do this, we often end up mis-leading ourselves or others.  But, it’s easier this way, more concrete and understandable.  It’s actually harder to think of the temple not having a beginning or an ending.  It’s harder to continually reach out to the idea of God, but never be able to fully grasp it.  It’s harder to understand that Jesus was talking about himself when he said the temple would be destroyed and raised again in three days.  This is something we can reach out to, but we can’t fully reach.  We can’t explain it in 3 bullet points, we can’t put it into a logical framework.  It’s elusive and its truth, at a deep level, pervades all of life.
  • o   Listen to this instrumental version of this song and synthesize it with the original lyrics written by Rob Simon. 
  • Click here for Rob Simons lyrics You Can't Touch This

Hymn for the 81% -Daniel Dietrich

  • o   God's commands were twisted in Jesus' day and people were using the temple for their own gain; it happens today, too when Jesus' words are twisted for personal gain and Hymn for the 81% brings that message out loud and clear, connecting with our contemporary context.

Cannot Keep You-Gungor

  • o   God cannot be contained in a tent or a temple or in a church or in a Bible.  God is so much more than any of these and God is present in more than these.  How do you subconsciously try to contain God?

Turning Over Tables-The Brilliance

  • o   These lyrics are especially poignant given the fact we are worshiping at home today.  “Fear runs deep, spreading like a virus…Love is turnin' over tables, breakin' off chains, tearin' down walls, buildin' up bridges between us all.”  What can you do to reach out and offer support to someone today?  Drop off groceries on someone’s porch or just give them a phone call to make sure they are okay.  Let us be wise and let us be faithful.

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