college hill leadership

The staff and leadership here at College Hill is comprised of people who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office at 316.683.4643

  • rev. jill sander-chali

    Senior Pastor
    I am  from a small town in the state of Missouri, and have a Bachelor of Science in Spanish from Missouri State University with a minor in religious studies and a Master's of Divinity degree from Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University with a certificate in Hispanic Studies.

    I have been in ministry since 2008 serving congregations of various sizes in Missouri and Kansas. I enjoy preaching, teaching, spiritual formation, and serving God in relationship with others through mercy and advocacy.   

    In my free time, I love to cook, travel, and read. My husband, Rev. Dr. Kalaba Chali is also an ordained United Methodist pastor and he serves as the Senior Pastor of Pleasant Valley UMC. Together we have one daughter. One of my favorite scriptures is John 10:10a where Jesus says: “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  It reminds me of my call as a Christian to share the abundant life of Jesus Christ with others, knowing that abundant life encompasses all of who we are mind, body, and spirit!

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  • Brian sutton

    Director Of Strategic Outreach Ministries


    Born and raised in Culver, Kansas, I grew up a country boy and have been a United Methodist my whole life.

    My job is strategic outreach ministries, say what? So the focus of my job is audio-visual enhancement, marketing and community outreach. College Hill is an amazing congregation and we want to reach as many people as we can with this message. You are loved by God just as you were created to be and God loves you just as you are. I hope you will check us out and come visit when you can. #whereloveislove   


  • jodi rice

    Director of Children's Ministries


    Since moving to Wichita back in 1991 I am proud and happy to call Wichita home. I am a Southeast Buffalo and attended WSU. I met my husband Greg while he was serving in the US Navy and was stationed in San Diego. The first few years we were married I split my time between Wichita and San Diego. Once we were permanently living in Wichita full time, we started attending church. It was while we were attending there that I discovered my LOVE of doing hands on serving and mission work. I fell in love with taking my own family on mission trips. I am very excited to start this program with families here at CHUM. I often say of everything we've ever done with our family taking the girls on work teams is easily the best thing we have done as a family. Greg and I have grown our family to include 4 daughters. The girls have a 21 year age gap from oldest to youngest. We attended CHUM for almost 2 years before I started in my position in the summer of 2017.

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    Office Manager


    I'm excited to join CHUM as the Office Manager.  My family includes my husband, CJ, and bonus 10 year old daughter, JJ. We enjoy music, books, movies, food and outdoor activities. I'm also a singer and licensed massage therapist.


  • tj blount

    Director of Youth Ministries


    Let’s start with the basics; my name is TJ Blount and I am 41 years old. My wife Danielle and I have been married for 19 years. Our two kids are Dax who is 14 and will be a freshman and Zoe who is 12 and will be starting 7th grade.  Both attend school in Haysville where we live.


    For the first 19 years of my professional life, I was a youth pastor. Youth ministry is rewarding work, but I chose to leave full time ministry in the summer of 2020 after several tough years of ministry. I am also passionate about science and I chose to make the transition to teaching and will be starting my 4th year of teaching middle school science this year in Haysville. About two years ago, we started attending CHUM about with our good friends and we all fell in love with the mission and the people.  CHUM has been a safe place for us all to grow and heal.  When the youth ministry position opened up, I felt that my experience and my passion for the vision of the church to create an inclusive environment where all students are accepted, loved, and free to ask tough questions would make me a good fit for the position. I am excited to share my gifts and abilities with the youth of this church. 


    A few extra nuggets about me; I love the Marvel movies, 3D printing, science, board games, Chipotle (every Sunday), and spending time with our friends.  

  • rob simon

    10:15 Music Director for Contemporary Worship


    I am a learner, a teacher, a singer, a storyteller, a writer, a bit of an artist – and sometimes all of these at once!


    In addition to being Music Director for Contemporary Worship at College Hill, I am a specialist in prevention programming and restorative practices, a Wichita Griot Storyteller, a performer with band, Blue Eyed Soul, an experienced Kansas educator & trainer/ consultant, and a speaker/performer who has worked with school systems and various agencies coast to coast.


    I am the founder of POSITIVE RHYTHM PRODUCTIONS, and produce topical workshop, classroom, assembly, keynote and other creative presentations for various audiences, using persuasive speech, original songs, characterizations, essays, & poetry. I also produced a weekly commentary on Wichita's National Public Radio affiliate, KMUW FM 89.1 for over ten years, and have a collection of some of those essays coming out in 2021 as the first of two books.


  • matthew nutter

    9:00am Music Director for Traditional Worship


    Hello!  I am a Wichita native and love this city and its people!  I earned my Bachelors in Music Education from Wichita State in 2010 and have since earned my certification in Level III of Koday and a Masters in Music Education.  I have taught in USD 259 for 11 years at the Middle School level.  I sang in CHUM's Chancel choir as the Tenor soloist for several years before moving up to the director position, and I LOVE the people in our choir!  Our rehearsals are engaging and fun, and I pick music that matches the sermons while still being enjoyable to sing.  COVID has pushed us to create Virtual Choir offerings this year, and that has been a steep learning curve, but the choir has handled it with grace and enthusiasm!  Come join us!


  • carli siebenmark

    Nursery Co-Coordinator

    My name is Carli Siebenmark and I am currently a senior at Wichita State, working on my degree in Biology. I have attended College Hill since I was a baby and it has always felt like home to me. Since high school I have been working in the nursery and downstairs with Sunday School and love helping the kids grow, especially in their relationship with God. When I heard about the opening for Childcare Co-coordinator I knew it was right for me and I am so excited to spend more time with the nursery kiddos!

  • ariana hernandez

    Nursery Co-Coordinator

    Hello, I'm Ariana Hernandez, but most know me as Ana! I am originally from Kansas City, but I've called Wichita home for the past four years. On a typical day I'm immersed in the world of Early Childhood education, splitting my time between studying and my work as a teacher at the WSU Child Development Center. Outside of work, 

    I'm engaged to my partner of 5 and a half years, and together we share our lives with a lovable but mischievous lab terrier mix, adopted from KHS a few years ago. In my downtime, I enjoy solving puzzles, quality family time, and, of course, shopping for classroom toys. I am thrilled to be part of this program, and I look forward to connecting with you all on this exciting journey! Working with kiddos is my passion, and I am excited to bring my skills to the table to help the children explore and learn about God's love through play and creative expression!