prayer list

Our Sympathy to . . .

Claudia Foster and family in the passing of her father Byron Foster.

Remember in Your Prayers

David Osborne

Dwight Dykes, brother of Faye Thornton

Olivia Manganiello

Joe Mavec, friend of Tom McReynolds

Bob Bark

Tammy Terry

Bob Ross

Kaelyn & Dante Robinson, friends of Cathy Rodgers

Heather, friend of Joleen Webb

Jennifer & family, friends of Mike O. & Brian J. 

Trudy MacDonald

Vincent Simmons, uncle of Greg Kilbane

Joyce Mann, 2nd cousin of Greg Kilbane

Bill Ryan, brother of Pat McClellan

Clayton, friend of Faye & Rick Thornton

Continuing Prayers...

Raymond Wheeler

Charlie Montonye

Bill Buchcuski, brother of Shirley Schmidt

Pam Higgenbotham, sister of Pat Lipper

Nathan Stanton

Jerry Siebenmark

Ruth Martin

David Klassen

Pat Miller

Mark McKee (nephew of Dick McKee) 

Roy Pulliam, Lee Howard’s son-in-law

Military Personnel

Josh Weaver, Air Force, McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS

Kyle Weaver, Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Adam Walker, Hawaii Air Force Band Raptor

Neal Lybarger, U.S. Navy, Lemoore, CA

Travis Atchison, U.S. Navy, Jacksonville, FL