prayer list

Remember in Your Prayers

Joan Buenten                        Dave Cook

Greg King                                      Alisa LaVine

Lori Lohrenz                              Dottie Jones

Jon Melugin                                  Deb Jones

Brian Talkington                          Phyllis Trifonoff 

Diana Coster                                 Tiffany Bartley

Charles Timmer, Marsha Olmsted's step-father

Tonna Obermite, friend of Ian Horne
Nancy Phillips, friend of Clairissa Maddy

Linda Quigley, mother of Jill Quigley        

Kim Day, daughter of Pam & Barry McEachern                                     

Regina Lewis & Julian Jarrell, children of Reggie Jarrell

Robert Schiffelbein, brother-in-law of Mike Owings & Brian Johns

David Goldberg, friend of Mike Owings

Elliot Sloyer & wife, friends of Lloyd Hanna


To Debbie Deuser and family, upon the death of her husband, John. The Celebration of Life service will
      be held on Saturday, November 18, at 1:00pm in the sanctuary of College Hill UMC. A reception wil

      follow in the Fellowship Hall with snacks and time to share with others.

Continuing Prayers...

Andrew                                  Judy Church

Cindy Battiste                      Lee Howard

Candy Gilbert                       Harold Cooper

Marilyn Breiner, sister of Coleen Dyson

Jacque Clinton, Lee Howard’s granddaughter

Kim Day, Pam & Barry McEachern’s daughter                                                                                                                 

Janie MacBeth, Lloyd Hanna’s cousin                                     

Mary & Bob Schmidt           

Sean and Les, Jan Wright's friends

Tim & Allison & Sloan, Marsha Olmsted’s relatives

Austyn, T.J. Will-Gallegos' friend

Military Personnel

Travis Atchison, U.S. Navy, Jacksonville, FL

Jacob Helstrom, US Marine, Fort Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC

Neal Lybarger, U.S. Navy, Virginia Beach, VA     
Wesley Sawyer, US Navy, USS Gerald Ford, Norfolk, VA

Kyle Weaver,Holloman AFB, New Mexico