prayer list

Remember in Your Prayers

Dick & Marilyn McKee and Family

Fritz Kessler

Tim Sturm

James Tisdale

Ernestine Ruhl, Renee Beard's mother

Marsha Fields, Deb Jones' sister

Robert Schiffelbein, Mike & Brian's brother-in-law

Bill & Yvonne Kittrell, Angie Locke's parents

Chris Reed, Ann Reed's nephew

Austyn, friend of T.J. Will-Gallegos

Mark, Pat Lipper's cousin

Kym Akkerman

Our sympathy to . . .

Continuing Prayers...

Harold P. Cooper

Alisa LaVine

Kent Dove

Cindy Battiste

Jerry Siebenmark

Trudy MacDonald

David Klassen

Nathan Stanton

Jill & Bill Mason

Roy Pulliam, son-in-law of Lee Howard

Mark McKee, nephew of Dick McKee

Dwight Dykes, brother of Faye Thornton

Bill Buchcuski, brother of Shirley Schmidt

Vincent Simmons, uncle of Greg Kilbane

Todd & Julie Olmsted and Tim & Allison and Sloan, relatives of Marsha Olmsted

Military Personnel

Josh Weaver, Air Force, McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS

Kyle Weaver, Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Neal Lybarger, U.S. Navy, Dam Neck Fleet Training Center, Virginia Beach, VA

Travis Atchison, U.S. Navy, Jacksonville, FL

Wesley Sawyer, U.S. Navy, USS Gerald Ford, Norfolk, VA